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DUI, Charges dropped


Client was accused of crashing into another car and leaving the scene. The Officer located the vehicle allegedly driven by the Client, in a nearby parking lot, with matching damage. The client was found by police in a nearby hospital. Officer noted odor of alcohol and blood shot eyes. The Officer obtained a search warrant and obtained the client’s medical records, showing his blood alcohol being over the legal limit.

Charged with DUI, Found Not Guilty


Client stopped by Police Officer who claims “overwhelming” odor of alcohol, red, glassy eyes, confused mental state, swaying and slurring all were exhibited by client. Client admitted to coming from a bar and having two larger than normal shots of Jack Daniels. Client allegedly failed the field sobriety exercises, stating she was going to fall over at one point. Client submitted to a breath test with a .17 result. However, the breath test result was not admitted as evidence at trial.

Running Stop Sign, Case Dismissed


Client accused of running a Stop Sign and causing car crash with property damage

Injunction for Protection Against Stalking, Dismissed


Client was served with an Injunction for Protection Against Stalking that was temporarily granted by the judge and set for hearing.

DUI: Driving Under the Influence Case Dropped


Client was stopped for speeding and driving erratically. Officer’s claimed that client failed field sobriety exercises and that client admitted client was too drunk to drive. Client allegedly refused a breath test.

Possession of Controlled Substance (Cannabis)


Client was a passenger in a car. An Officer confronted the occupants and said there was an odor of cannabis. The Officer conducted a search and found drugs and paraphernalia. The client allegedly admitted to knowledge and ownership of some cannabis and a pipe. The client was arrested and charged.

Battery Case; Dismissed


Client tried to get a concealed weapons permit and discovered that there was an arrest warrant outstanding out of Duval County for an incident in 2007.

DUI: Driving Under the Influence Charge Dropped


Client was stopped for passing the Officer at a high rate of speed. The Officer claimed the client admitted to drinking and that the client had several signs of impairment. After performing field sobriety exercises, the client was arrested and refused to take a breath test. The client had a prior DUI conviction for an offense in which we did not represent the client.

Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon


Client was accused of a road rage incident The alleged victim and several independent witnesses claimed client appeared to intentionally drive aggressively on the shoulder to get next to the victim’s vehicle and then swerve into the victim’s vehicle, causing a crash. Client had a history of criminal charges involving assault and battery. While out on bond, client was arrested for Battery Domestic Violence for a separate case in another county. Client faced a minimum guideline sentence of 27 months in prison up to 15 years in prison.

Felony Domestic Violence Battery by Strangulation


Spouse alleged Client had committed Domestic Violence by Strangulation.

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