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Charge dropped - 10/2/2017

Fire investigators and law enforcement officials alleged that our client intentionally set an occupied dwelling on fire as the result of a domestic argument. The client was arrested and retained Longwell Lawyers for legal representation. Longwell Lawyers got to work investigating the government’s case and successfully convinced the prosecution not to file any formal charges in the case. The case was dropped and the client was not prosecuted.

Battery – Domestic Violence

No charges ever filed - 9/26/2017

County: Orange

Our client and his girlfriend were verbally arguing as they were leaving dinner. The girlfriend reached into our client’s pocket in an attempt to take his phone. Our client grabbed her wrist to prevent her from taking his phone. A passer-by, having not witnessed the entire sequence of events, saw our client grab a woman’s wrist, thought he was trying to strong-arm rob the woman, and called the police. Our client was, unfortunately, arrested. Criminal Trial Expert, Benjamin Jones saw that cooler heads prevailed and that law enforcement, as well as prosecutors understood the full context of what one person thought they saw. Quickly opening this line of communication with the prosecution helped to facilitate no charges ever being filed against our client.

Grand Theft – 3rd Degree

All Charges Dropped - 9/25/2017

County: Orange

Our client was trying on sunglasses at a local mall. Deciding that he did not want to purchase a paid he left the store. Unbeknownst to him, store employees suspected him of shoplifting and called the police. Our client was stopped while getting into his car and told that his sunglasses belonged to the store. He was arrested on the spot and charged with a felony theft charge. Criminal Trial Expert Benjamin Jones immediately pointed out what should have been obvious: No alarm sounded when our client left the store. There was no allegation of a “booster bag” being used to defeat the alarm (a “booster bag” is typically a shopping bag that is lined with aluminum foil designed to block RF sensors on merchandise). And, finally, there were no sales tags or stickers on our client’s sunglasses, nor was there any time for him to remove any such tags. When additionally confronted with the fact that the sunglasses’ fair market value was far less than the $300 felony threshold, the prosecution caved and dropped all charges.

Burglary of a Conveyance (Auto Theft), Grand Theft, Fleeing and Eluding an Officer (with lights and siren)

Charges Dismissed - 8/30/2017

Police saw a stolen pick-up truck run a stop sign and tried to make a stop. The driver of the truck successfully eluded the officer and was not stopped. 15-20 minutes later the unoccupied stolen pick-up truck was located in front of a residence. The officer claimed that our client, who was at the residence, looked like the person who had been driving the truck a bit earlier when police (that same officer) tried to stop it. The officer was very aggressive and took our client into custody at gunpoint. Our client denied any involvement or knowledge of the truck. Longwell Lawyers worked with our client and the witnesses to clearly demonstrate that the client should not have been arrested and that there was a verifiable alibi. Most disturbingly, the officers knew of the alibi information but chose to arrest our client anyway.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) over a .15

DUI Dropped - 8/29/2017

Client was stopped for allegedly running a red light and swerving in traffic, almost sideswiping the officer. After performing several field sobriety exercises on video, the client was arrested and had an breath test result over a .15 (exposing our client to enhanced mandatory penalties, if convicted). The client was also issued to tickets the red light and the swerving. Longwell Lawyers prepared the case for trial. In the process, the prosecutor agreed to drop the DUI charge to a Reckless Driving charge.

Result: Client agreed to a Reckless Driving plea. The DUI was dropped. The tickets were dismissed.

Robbery with a Firearm with a Discharge

Charges Dropped - 8/29/2017

Our client, who is a minor with no prior criminal record, was charged as an adult, with a crime that could have resulted in a Life Sentence. After careful investigation and several rounds of depositions, Criminal Trial Expert Benjamin Jones revealed that our client was merely an innocent bystander to a Robbery with a Firearm (where someone was shot), rather than an active participant. Instead of facing the prospect of a future locked-up behind bars, our client can now look forward to finishing school and pursuing his dreams as a free man.

Result: All Charges Dropped

Felony Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Paraphernalia

Prison Sentence Lifted - 8/28/2017

Our client was stopped for speeding and allegedly found to be in possession of a felony controlled substance, cannabis and paraphernalia. Because of our clients past criminal history, he scored a minimum of 8 years prison, if convicted. Longwell Lawyers was able to leverage our client’s defenses to obtain a favorable outcome. Our client was offered the option of either going to trial, entering a plea to a misdemeanor with a relatively short jail sentence, or entering a plea to a felony with no jail (2.5 years of probation). Our client selected the probation offer and was very pleased with the outcome.

Result: Client facing minimum 8 year prison sentence received no jail or prison

Petition for Injunction for Protection against Stalking

The injunction was granted. - 8/22/2017

While representing our client in a Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) it became necessary for us to file an injunction for protection against stalking on behalf of our client, due to the fact that her estranged husband (respondent) was harassing her in a malicious manner with the intent to cause her substantial emotional distress. Despite the respondent and his attorney strongly contesting the injunction, Longwell Lawyers was able to win the hearing and obtain the injunction. Our client was very relieved and grateful.

Staging a Motor Vehicle Crash (Insurance Fraud), Scheme to Defraud

All Charges Dropped at Trial - 8/17/2017

In 2015 several individuals planned, staged, and executed an intentional car crash and received medical treatment for fraudulent injuries. One of this scheme’s participants had an ax to grind with our client and duped law enforcement into believing that our client was involved in planning this intentional crash. Despite numerous inconsistent statements from the scheme’s admitted participants, the government would not drop the case against our Client. Finally, after picking a jury and delivering a hard hitting opening statement, the prosecution’s house of cards began to tumble. After a hard hitting cross examination, and halfway through the testimony of the Government’s star witness, the prosecution gave in and dropped the case. Because a jury was sworn, jeopardy attached, and our client can never be charged for the false allegations again.

Violation of Probation, 4 Counts of Forgery, 3 Counts of Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card, Grand Theft, Absconding

5 Separate Cases Dismissed - 8/15/2017

Sometimes prosecutors make mistakes. In 1993, our client pled to several cases relating to a fraud. He was to be incarcerated for a period of time and then start probation when he was released. Somehow though, before our Client even began probation, the prosecution filed paperwork to violate his probation. When he was released from incarceration, the prison system never told him to report to probation and, 24 years later, he found out that he had 5 warrants out for his arrest for violation of probation and absconding. Board Certified Criminal Trial Expert, Benjamin Jones, spring into action, quickly getting the warrants quashed and the cases dismissed.

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