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Trafficking Oxycodone (15 year/$500,000 minimums)

Lesser Offense - 6/22/2017

6/22/17- Orange County - Client was set up by an acquaintance, who was working as a Confidential Informant, to buy 120 pills of Oxycodone from an undercover law enforcement officer. The client was originally facing a minimum mandatory sentence of 15 years prison (up to 30 years) and a $500,000 fine. Longwell Lawyers prepared the case for trial by obtaining discovery, taking depositions, and pursuing an entrapment defense. As a result, the government offered our client a lesser offense with 3 years prison and no fine or probation. The client accepted the offer in lieu of proceeding with further litigation. Any sentence less than a dismissal or a Not Guilty is a disappointment, especially when it involves incarceration. However, our client obtained the best possible outcome under the circumstances, without risking a minimum mandatory 15 years prison/$500,000 fine – up to 30 years prison.

Result: client accepted plea to lesser offense with 3 years prison and no fine or probation instead of risking a minimum mandatory 15 years prison/$500,000 fine – up to 30 years prison.

Juvenile - Armed Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling with a Firearm

Dropped - 6/14/2017

Orange County - Our client was arrested and initially held in juvenile detention without release based upon an allegation made by a school-mate who claimed that our client, along with another individual, broke down the front door of a home and invaded the home while occupied by the school-mate. Longwell Lawyers was able to get the client released and immediately prepared the case for trial. During depositions it was established that the witness/school-mate only quickly peeked out to see who was breaking-in, and only saw the back of the head of the person who he identified as our client. Furthermore, an alibi defense was asserted establishing that our client was at home at the time of the alleged offense. Finally, evidence was uncovered that another individual, who looked similar to our client, was associating with the other accused "co-defendant" and was allegedly committing other burglaries at about the same time. As such, Longwell Lawyers was able to convince the officer and the prosecutor that the case involved a mistaken identification and got the prosecutor to drop the case on the day of trial.

Result: charge dropped by the state

Felony Grand Theft (Scheme to Defraud/Employee theft).

Dropped - 6/6/2017

Client was accused of stealing over $1,000 in cash from merchandise sales transactions while employed at a resort.

Result: Felony charge dropped. No conviction.

Conspiracy to Traffic Oxycodone

Resolved - 5/19/2017

Orange County, Florida- Our client was charged in a 24 count Information (along with 17 other co-defendants) with Conspiracy to Traffic in Oxycodone (and other charges). Facing more than 30 years in prison, our client courageously allowed us to assert the very powerful constitutional rights that every accused individual is afforded-and the process paid off.

Result: Today the case was successfully resolved and our client did not get any jail/prison. Our client is very happy!

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Dropped - 5/15/2017

Client was stopped by the police for swerving while driving. The police suspected the client was DUI and conducted an investigation, including field sobriety exercises, a breath test, and a urine test. The client had two prior DUIs.

Result: Longwell Lawyers was able to get the case dropped

Possession of less than 20 gr Cannabis and Possession of Paraphernalia

Dropped - 5/11/2017

Orange County client was involved in a car crash and the police responded. The police claimed to smell cannabis and searched the car. The police allegedly found cannabis and paraphernalia in the client’s car. The client was arrested and hired Longwell Lawyers.

Result: All charges dropped

Battery (Domestic Violence):

Dropped - 5/8/2017

Lake County client hired us after being arrested for Battery (DV).

Result: Longwell Lawyers was able to ensure that no charges were filed against our client/case dropped.

Violation of Probation (Stalking)

Arrest Suspended - 4/10/2017

Client allegedly violated probation for a positive drug test and for not providing proof of treatment.

Result: Client was not arrested and was able to stay out of jail pending a hearing. The only sanction the client received was community service. Client reinstated to probation without jail.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Charge Dropped - 4/10/2017

Client was accused of driving around a police barricade. Police reported the client had the odor of alcohol, slurred speech, and was acting intoxicated. After field sobriety exercises, the client was arrested and allegedly had a breath test result of 17/.17. The client’s arrest history included two prior DUI arrests.

Results: After extensive litigation to suppress the breath test results, and other pre-trial matters, the State agreed to reduce the charge to Reckless Driving. The DUI was dropped.

Felony Violation of Probation (VOP - Scheme to Defraud), Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Dismissed - 4/3/2017

Client was on probation for a felony charge of Scheming to Defraud when arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Felony Violation of Probation (VOP). This was the Client’s second VOP. Longwell Lawyers was able to get the client a bond to remain out during the pendency of the case. However, the State wanted the client to serve a minimum of 6 months in jail on the VOP and take a conviction on the DUI.

Result: Client received a favorable sentence on the VOP and the DUI was Dismissed (reduced to Reckless Driving).

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