Case Results

DUI (injury/property damage); Reckless Driving; Hit and Run (Leaving the Scene).

No conviction and civil infractions dismissed - 1/6/2020

Seminole County. Client was accused of “rear-ending” another car and then leaving the scene. The alleged victim and pursued the client and bystanders claimed that the client drove recklessly while trying to get away. The client stopped in a business parking lot and was confronted by the alleged victim. The alleged victim was very aggressive. Police arrived and arrested the client for DUI, Reckless Driving, Leaving the Scene of a Crash and cited our client with several civil infractions. The client registered a breath test result of .104. The client’s license was administratively suspended as a result of the breath test result. Longwell Lawyers was retained and immediately got to work. We helped the client obtain a license within 10 days of the arrest. A plea of not guilty was entered for all criminal and civil charges. The alleged victim was ultimately charged with Battery and Criminal Mischief attacking our client and maliciously damaging our client’s car. The DUI against our client was dropped. Our client avoided any criminal conviction and the civil infractions were dismissed.

Sex Offense Charge Dropped

Meet a minor for unlawful activity dropped - 9/23/2019

Our client was accused of trying to meet with a minor for sexual purposes, and was facing up to 15 years in prison and a lifetime designation as a sex offender. Longwell Lawyers fought hard and was able to get the charge dropped to unlawful use of a two way communication device (which is not a sex offense). The client was not convicted of any crime and did not go to prison.

Client Accused of Murder Released on Bond

Client released on reasonable bond - 9/23/2019

Our client is accused of murder in a case that has been publicized in the media. Board Certified Criminal Trial Expert Benjamin Jones, led Longwell Lawyers in property asserting our client’s right to be presumed innocent and to be released on a reasonable bond while awaiting trial on his charge, resulting in a reasonable bond being set.

Felony Possession of Controlled Substance and Possession of Paraphernalia charges dropped

Charged Dropped - 9/5/2019

Our client was stopped by law enforcement for a minor traffic violation. The Officer claimed to smell the odor of Cannabis and searched the vehicle. Various controlled substances and paraphernalia were allegedly seized from the motor vehicle and from the client. The client allegedly admitted to the possession and use of the controlled substances and paraphernalia. Client was arrested and charged.

Longwell Lawyers pressed the case to a pre-trial motion hearing and the State filed a Nolle Prosequi, dropping the charges.

Battery (Domestic Violence) charge dropped

Charged Dropped - 9/5/2019

Client was accused of battering his spouse, causing her to lose consciousness. Our client was released on bond with restrictions prohibiting him from contacting his spouse and requiring that he wear an electronic monitor. Longwell Lawyers was able to work with the alleged victim and our client to get the charges dropped, immediately. The client was released from electronic monitoring and all charges were dropped.

Felony Possession of Controlled Substances Dropped

Charges Dropped - 8/28/2019

Seminole County Circuit Court

Client was stopped for minor traffic infractions. The officer claimed to smell cannabis and searched the vehicle. Several controlled substances, a firearm and some cash were found. The client was arrested and charged. Longwell Lawyers obtained discovery, took depositions and prepared the case for trial – which prompted the State to drop the felony controlled substance scharges.

Felony Grand Theft (Employee)/Embezzlement charge Dropped

Felony charges dropped to misdemeanor. - 8/23/2019

Court: Osceola County Circuit Court

Our client was accused of stealing merchandise from an employer. The alleged crimes were caught on video. Longwell Lawyers was able to reveal several problems with the case, causing the State to drop the charge to a misdemeanor.

8 Counts of Possession of Controlled Substances Dropped

All charges dropped - 8/23/2019

Court: Orange County Circuit Court

Our client was arrested as part of an operation that alleged that our client was selling drugs. Our client reportedly was in possession of heroin and suboxone. Longwell Lawyers got involved in the case and the charges were dropped prior to arraignment.

Possession of Heroin within 1000’ of a Convenience Store with Intent to Sell, Sale/Delivery of Heroin, Possession of Heroin

Charges Dropped - 8/23/2019

Client was accused of possessing and selling Heroin at a convenience store.

DUI (Third Offense) dropped

DUI dropped (client entered a plea to Reckless D - 8/19/2019

Client was stopped for speeding and swerving. The Officer smelled alcohol and the client admitted to drinking. After performing field sobriety exercises, the officer concluded that our client was impaired and arrested our client. Breath test results of .129/.127 were collected. Our client had two prior DUI’s, causing the client to face a potential felony DUI and enhanced penalties, including mandatory 30 days of jail and a 10 year license suspension. Longwell Lawyers represented the client and prepared the case for trial. Through that process, multiple weaknesses were identified in the government’s case. Longwell Lawyers attacked the case with pre-trial motions and developed the strengths of our case. Ultimately, on the eve of a hearing on several pre-trial motions, the government dropped the DUI and the client entered a plea to a lesser charge of reckless driving.

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