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Case Resolved - 2/23/2021

Sumter County, Florida – Our client was arrested for unlawfully possessing a firearm, possession of cocaine, and possession of THC. Because our client was already out on bond for a pending criminal case, the court revoked the bond and a warrant was issued to hold the client in custody without release. Longwell Lawyers was able to work efficiently to get the firearm charge dropped and secure a favorable resolution of the case without the client having to get arrested on the warrant. The case was resolved without the client getting any convictions or incarceration. The warrant was never executed and was withdrawn.


Case Resolved - 2/23/2021

Sumter County, Florida – Our client was arrested, released on bond, and charged with felony possession of cannabis with intent to sell/deliver, possession of paraphernalia, and possession of alcohol while under 21. While Longwell Lawyers was diligently utilizing discovery and depositions to try to get the case dismissed, our client was arrested on new firearms and drug charges – causing the bond, in this case, to get revoked. Accordingly, a warrant was issued for the client to be held without release. Longwell Lawyers was nonetheless able to secure a favorable outcome that resulted in the client avoiding a conviction and any incarceration. As a result, the arrest warrant was also vacated and recalled.

No Convictions in Sexual Battery, Lewd and Lascivious Exhibition, Domestic Battery by Strangulation, Violation of No Contact Order Case

Charges Dropped - 2/18/2021

Lake County, Florida - Our client was out on bond and ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim in relation to felony battery and witness intimidation charges that were pending, when he got arrested and charged with sexual battery (rape), lewd and lascivious exhibition in the presence of a minor, domestic battery by strangulation, and violation of the no contact order. As such, the client’s bond in the pending case was also revoked and he was being held in jail without release. Although the State was initially bold and confident in its case, Longwell Lawyers got to work and began to dismantle the State’s case. Through the use of discovery, depositions, and a private investigator, Longwell Lawyers was able to prepare the case for trial and gain strength and leverage in its position – resulting in a favorable and successful outcome. Ultimately, the State dropped the most serious charges of sexual battery (rape) and lewd and lascivious. The remaining counts of domestic battery and violation of the no contact order were resolved with no conviction and no additional incarceration. The client did not want to wait in jail for an eventual trial and he accepted the favorable plea bargain and dropped charges to resolve the case – resulting in his immediate release.

Felony Battery and Witness Intimidation

Charge Dropped - 2/18/2021

Lake County, Florida – Our client was charged with felony battery with strangulation and witness intimidation. He was released on bond and ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim. Subsequently, it was alleged that he violated the no contact order by having contact and by committing the new charges of sexual battery, lewd and lascivious exhibition, domestic battery by strangulation. This caused his bond to get revoked and he was held in custody without release. Longwell Lawyers engaged in discovery, depositions, and filed a motion to dismiss, causing the state to drop the Felony Battery charge. The client elected to resolve the witness intimidation charge with a no contest plea that resulted in no conviction and no additional incarceration. As a result, he was released from jail immediately.

DUI, Felony Possession of controlled substances, and Careless Driving all dismissed

Charges Dropped - 2/16/2021

Osceola County, Florida - Our client crashed into a parked car and admitted to drinking and ingesting multiple illegal controlled substances (some of which were found in the client’s car). Law enforcement arrested the client for DUI and seized the controlled substances. The client was also charged with Careless Driving. A urine test revealed the presence of a controlled substance. Longwell Lawyers was retained and got to work. A not guilty plea/request for discovery/request for jury trial was filed by Longwell Lawyers for the DUI and Careless Driving. Shortly thereafter, pre-trial motions were filed and litigated. Simultaneously, Longwell Lawyers worked to ensure that the criminal investigation regarding the seized controlled substances did not result in a felony charge. Ultimately, no felony arrest/charges were pursued. The DUI was amended (dropped) and changed to a Reckless Driving charge. The Careless Driving was also dropped.

Leaving the Scene of an Accident and Felony Violation of Probation cases dropped

Charges Dropped - 2/11/2021

Lake County, Florida – Our client was arrested for leaving the scene of a motor vehicle crash (hit and run). The arrest caused a violation of probation to be filed in an existing felony probation sentence. As such, the client was held in jail without bond. Longwell Lawyers was hired and acted swiftly to gather exculpatory information and convince the prosecution to drop both the leaving the scene case and the felony violation of probation.

Aggravated Assault with a Firearm

Case Dropped - 2/5/2021

Orange County, Florida – Client was arrested and accused of using a firearm to threaten a couple in another motor vehicle during a “road rage” encounter. Longwell Lawyers was retained and convinced the prosecutor not to file a criminal charge.

Violation of Domestic Injunction/No Contact Charge Dropped

Criminal Case Dropped - 2/4/2021

Orange County, Florida – Client was arrested/accused of having contact in violation of a court “restraining order”/no contact order/injunction. Longwell Lawyers, led by attorney Carmen Tankersley, swiftly and efficiently worked to get the prosecutor to file a “No Information Notice”, announcing that the State will not file any criminal charge.

Aggravated Battery (Great Bodily Harm) and Child Abuse (Without Great Bodily Harm)

Criminal Charges Dropped - 2/4/2021

Lake County, Florida – Client was arrested and accused of allegedly chasing and intentionally ramming a car into another car that contained an adult driver and two children. Longwell Lawyers was retained and was able to investigate the matter and convince the prosecutor to drop the case.

Possession of Meth, Possession of Paraphernalia, Keeping a Place for Using/Selling Controlled Substances

All Charges Dropped - 1/12/2021

Sumter County, Florida - Law Enforcement, while “staking out” a known drug house, witnessed our client enter the home, stay for 10 minutes, and leave. Law enforcement followed our client until they witnessed him commit a traffic infraction that allowed them to pull his vehicle over. After obtaining permission to search his vehicle, law enforcement found Methamphetamines in the vehicle’s trunk. Our client was immediately arrested and charged with Possession of Methamphetamines. Longwell Lawyers dug in for a fight and, after over 2 years of litigation, deposition, and court hearings, the prosecution finally gave up when Board Certified Criminal Trial Expert Benjamin Jones filed Motions to Dismiss and Motions in Limine. Rather than continue the fight, the prosecution conceded these motions and dismissed the case.

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