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Sale of Methamphetamine, Possession of Marijuana

New Bond Granted - 5/5/2021

Sumter County - While already out on bond for the sale of methamphetamine to a confidential informant, Client got re-arrested for a second sale of methamphetamine to another confidential informant and possession of marijuana. Attorney Benjamin Jones and the team at Longwell Lawyers convinced a judge to grant our Client a new bond, despite violating the terms of the initial bond with a new felony arrest.

All Charges Dropped

All Charges Dropped - 5/4/2021

Orange County - A father and son (not old enough to drive) were accused of the father allowing his underage son to drive, resulting in a car crash. The father was charged with the criminal charge of allowing an unlicensed person to operate a motor vehicle, and the son was charged with two civil infractions. Longwell Lawyers was able to get all of the charges dropped.

Forfeiture of $58,000

$58,000 Returned - 5/3/2021

Orange County - Client was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped for a traffic infraction. The car was searched, and law enforcement found a concealed firearm and a bag with $58,000 in cash. Law enforcement took the money and the gun pursuant to an “investigation.” Longwell Lawyers’ expert criminal trial attorney, Benjamin Jones, successfully convinced the law enforcement agency’s attorneys that there was nothing to legitimately investigate that could justify keeping the cash in evidence and, even if there was, law enforcement had not followed the proper procedures to keep the cash via civil forfeiture proceedings. Our client received all his money back.

Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer and Resisting Without Violence

Charges Dropped - 5/3/2021

Orange County - Client was accused of disobeying police commands for people to stop fighting (resisting without violence). Then the police alleged that while they were trying to arrest someone, the client interfered with the arrest by pushing and hitting the officer (resisting with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer). On the morning of the jury trial, the prosecutor agreed to drop the battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting charge. The client agreed to accept a time served offer on the remaining resisting charge.

Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Domestic Violence Battery, Stalking

Case Dropped/Charges not Filed - 4/30/2021

Orange County - A warrant was issued for our client’s arrest accusing him of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s residence, hitting her, threatening to use a weapon to kill her, and repeatedly showing up at her place of employment to harass her. Understanding that our client’s promising future could be ruined by these serious yet unfounded allegations, Longwell Lawyers’ team, led by expert criminal trial Attorney Benjamin Jones, quickly went to work to right this wrong. By advocating to law enforcement and prosecutors that no crime had been committed at all and that our client was the victim of false police reports and slanderous allegations, prosecutors decided that filing formal charges would not be appropriate. Despite this traumatic experience, our client got the best possible outcome – No Charges Ever Filed.

Felony Violation of Probation

ROR/Time-Served - 4/26/2021

Lake County - Client was on felony probation and was violated for not reporting or doing any of the conditions. As a result, the client was arrested in Orange County on the Lake County Felony VOP warrant and held without bond. Because of transportation issues caused by COVID19, no inmates were being transferred between counties – resulting in the client remaining in Orange County without hope of a bond or a VOP hearing. Longwell Lawyers was retained and was able to efficiently get the client released ROR and ultimately resolved the case with a time-served sentence.


Case Dropped - 4/13/2021

Client was accused of selling/delivering large amounts of cannabis and laundering the cash proceeds of those transactions through allegedly fictitious business enterprises. As a result, the client was arrested and faced up to 35 years in prison. Longwell Lawyers was retained and quickly worked to get all of the charges dropped. The prosecutor filed a No Information Notice – dropping all charges.


Cases Dropped - 4/12/2021

ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA – Client was accused of giving illegal drugs to two alleged victims who overdosed and nearly died. It was further alleged that the client deprived the two alleged victims of medical care and stole the motor vehicle of the one alleged victim. Longwell Lawyers was retained and prepared the case for trial. Through discovery and depositions, it was revealed that many aspects of the alleged victim’s story did not add up. Furthermore, there was insufficient evidence to corroborate the claims that any drugs were provided by the accused. Due to a thorough investigation of the facts and the skilled advocacy of Longwell Lawyers 2 counts of attempted felony murder, 2 counts of depriving crime victim of medical care, and a Grand Theft (Motor Vehicle) (reduced to Lesser included offense of misdemeanor trespass) charge were all dropped.


Charges Dropped before Trial - 4/8/2021

Orange County - Subject was allegedly the sole occupant in an illegally parked motor vehicle. Police claimed the subject is a convicted felon and was in possession of a firearm. Longwell Lawyers was retained and engaged in discovery/depositions and set the case for trial. Just prior to commencing a jury trial, the prosecutor dropped the charge.


Case Dropped/Ticket Dismissed - 4/7/2021

Orange County -

The subject was allegedly involved in a single-car crash. Law Enforcement arrived and claimed the subject was intoxicated. After field sobriety exercises were performed, the subject was arrested for DUI and issued a citation for Careless Driving. The subject allegedly refused a breath test, causing the subject’s driver’s license to be immediately suspended. Longwell Lawyers was retained and got to work. First, we challenged the administrative license suspension at a formal review hearing and prevailed. The client’s license was fully reinstated. Then, Longwell Lawyers obtained discovery and filed pre-trial motions in preparation to attack the DUI and infraction. At a hearing on a Pre-trial motion, the court excluded a critical part of the State’s evidence and the case was subsequently dropped by the State. The court dismissed the Careless Driving ticket.

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