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Charges Dropped - 11/12/2020

Orange County, FL – Before retaining our services, our client was charged in Juvenile Court with Battery for allegedly being part of a group of students who “jumped” another student. The client was then also subsequently arrested for Resisting Without Violence, in a separate incident. Since the client is an A/B student with no significant disciplinary history, the client’s parents became concerned that the client was being unfairly targeted by the school resource officer and contacted Longwell Lawyers. Longwell Lawyers was able to quickly get the prosecutor to agree not to file any charges for the Resisting allegation. Furthermore, after reviewing all of the evidence and preparing for trial, Longwell Lawyers was able to get the prosecutor to agree that the Battery charge could not be proven at trial. As such, the State filed a Notice of Nolle Prosequi (dropped the charge).

Battery on a Public Official and Disorderly Conduct

Case Dropped - 11/9/2020

Lake County, Florida -Our client was the long-time City Manager for a city in Lake County, Florida. Despite his highly effective and successful tenure as the City Manager, one of the City Council-members became upset with him when he made cost cutting recommendations that would negatively impact the job of the City Council-member’s spouse. After a City Council meeting, our client was angrily confronted outside the building by the Council-member and her spouse. The spouse became physically aggressive. The Council-member realized that a by-stander was recording the incident, prompting the Council-member to falsely claim that she had been struck by our client and that her spouse was only protecting her. Unbelievably, the Council-member and her spouse were able to coax the Police Chief (who did not view the video) to arrest the City Manager for a felony charge of Battery on a Public Official and a misdemeanor charge of Disorderly Conduct. Longwell Lawyers was retained to represent the accused City Manager in this highly contentious, publicized matter. After gathering and presenting the case to the prosecutor (which included several sworn statements from eyewitnesses and video footage of the incident), it became clear that the accused City Manager did not commit any crime – and he was exonerated. As such, all charges were dropped by the filing of a No Information Notice.

Violation of Domestic Violence Injunction

Charges Dropped - 9/30/2020

Before hiring Longwell Lawyers, an Order entering Injunction was entered against the client. Our client was then arrested and charged with allegedly violating that injunction. Once Longwell Lawyers was retained, our firm was able to effectively and efficiently get the case dropped. A No Information Notice was filed, dropping the criminal violation of injunction charge.

Ex-girlfriend Filed a Motion to Extend the Injunction

Extension of Injunction Denied - 9/8/2020

Osceola County, Florida – Our client hired us because his ex-girlfriend filed a motion to extend the injunction that was voluntarily entered into by the parties a year ago. Led by Senior Family Law Associate Attorney, Carmen Tankersley, Longwell lawyers prevented the opposing party from entering inadmissible evidence during the hearing and helped our client prevail. Therefore, the court denied our client’s ex-girlfriend’s request to extend the Injunction. The client was happy that Longwell Lawyers was able to avoid an unnecessary extension of the injunction for protection against domestic violence that had been previously entered against him.

Dissolution of Marriage


We were contacted by our client on August 19, 2020, about representation for a Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce). It was a two year marriage involving a party who is active military. Within 2 days, Longwell Lawyers drafted all of the appropriate initial pleadings and a proposed marital settlement agreement. The opposing party agreed to the marital settlement agreement, allowing for us to proceed to Final Judgment. A Final Judgment was entered on August 31, 2020. Our client was happy that Longwell Lawyers was able to effectively and efficiently obtain a Final Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) within 12 days(from start to finish).

Final Judgment of Paternity

Equal Sharing Rights Granted - 8/27/2020

Orange County, Florida - Our client hired us to establish his parental rights and responsibilities. After attending trial with Senior Family Law Associate, Carmen Tankersley, the court granted equal time sharing rights to our client, the Father, and ordered no child support payments.

Emergency Motion for Suspension of Mother’s Time Sharing

Temporary Full Custody Granted - 8/7/2020

Osceola County, Florida - Our client came to us in desperate need for Court intervention because his child was being abused by the Mother. Longwell Lawyers was able to expeditiously file a motion to suspend the Mother’s time sharing and get an order from the judge within 24 hours. Additionally, with the help of Longwell Lawyers, our client was able to get permission from the Judge to allow the child to testify in chambers. The client was very happy when the court ruled in his favor and allowed him to temporarily keep the child for 100% of the time.

Multiple Felony Charges of Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling, Burglary of a Conveyance and Grand Theft of an Automobile Dropped

All Charges Dropped - 6/2/2020

Our client was accused of committing a rash of auto and home burglaries and thefts. Longwell Lawyers intensively scoured the evidence and established affirmatively that our client did not commit the crimes, leading to the law enforcement officers and prosecutors to immediately drop the charges by filing a No Information Notice. One of the arresting officers even offered an apology to the client.

Injunction for Protection Against Stalking

Injunction Dismissed - 6/1/2020

Orange County, Florida - Our client hired Longwell Lawyers when his Wife filed an Injunction for Protection Against Stalking against him. Even though the allegations in the Injunction were overwhelming, Senior Associate Attorney, Carmen Tankersley, took a deposition of the opposing party and carefully reviewed all the evidence that was exchanged. This hard work resulted in Longwell Lawyers prevailing at the hearing. The Court dismissed the injunction after trial.

Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon

Case Dropped - 5/14/2020

Our client was arrested for Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon (Domestic Violence). Longwell Lawyers worked to obtain exculpatory evidence and file motions that caused the prosecutor to decide not to file formal charges. The case was completely dropped.

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