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Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

DUI dropped. - 5/15/2019

Client was stopped for a minor traffic violation and admitted to drinking. The Officer Claimed that the client failed the Field Sobriety Exercises and also claimed smelling “weed”. Client was arrested and had a breath test result of .138. In court, the client accepted a plea to Reckless Driving for which the court withheld adjudication. The DUI was dropped.

DUI dropped.

Felony Violation of Probation

Case dropped by the State - 5/14/2019

Client was on felony probation for Possession of a Controlled Substance and other charges. The Client allegedly violated probation by testing positive for drugs and for getting arrested for Resisting Without Violence and Battery on a Police Animal. The Client qualified under the “Anti-Murder Act” as a “Violent Felony Offender of Special Concern”. At a hearing on the violation of probation, the State agreed to dismiss the violation of probation case.

Battery (Domestic Violence), 2 counts


County: Orange County

Type of case/Charge(s): Battery (Domestic Violence), 2 counts

Summary: Client was suffering from a mental health crisis and was accused of using unlawful physical force on two family members. The client was arrested and then subsequently committed to a mental health facility under Florida’s Baker Act. Longwell Lawyers was able to work with the client and other family members to get the client stabilized and released from the mental health facility, while getting the two criminal charges dropped.

Result: All charges dropped

Felony Possession of Controlled Substance (Hashish Oil)


County: Flagler

Charge(s)/Type of Case: Felony Possession of Controlled Substance (Hashish Oil)

Result: Case dropped

Summary: Client was stopped for a minor traffic violation and the officer claimed to smell cannabis. A search of the vehicle revealed Cannabis, paraphernalia and Hashish Oil. Longwell Lawyers was able to get all of the charges dropped.



County:Orange County
Type of case/charge(s): DUI
Summary: Client was stopped for speeding and swerving into oncoming lanes of traffic. The officer noted several indications that the client was impaired and asked the client to perform Field Sobriety Exercises and a breath test. The client refused and was arrested and charged with DUI.
Result: Client accepted a plea to a reduced charge of Reckless Driving. The court withheld adjudication. No conviction, no jail, no community service, no driver license action, no impound or interlock. DUI dropped.

Trespass on School Property, Creating a Disturbance on School Grounds


County: Orange

Charge(s)/Type of Case: Trespass on School Property, Creating a Disturbance on School Grounds

Result: All charges dropped

Summary: Our client was accused of trespassing and engaging in suspicious behavior on public school property, which prompted law enforcement and a bomb squad unit to respond. Longwell Lawyers was able to ensure that no charges were filed against our client.

Kidnapping with Intent to inflict Bodily Harm or Terrorize with a Firearm, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon


County: Orange

Charge: Kidnapping with Intent to inflict Bodily Harm or Terrorize with a Firearm, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Result: All Charges Dismissed

Summary: People who are on the eve of trial and are unpleased (for any number of reasons) with their current attorney often contact Longwell Lawyers, scared and looking for better trial representation. Since beginning representation at such a late stage of litigation is not always a good idea (as it may put us and our clients at a significant disadvantage), we are often hesitant to take on these types of cases. Occasionally, though, the right case presents itself and we are able to take over a case at the last minute, diligently prepare for trial on an extremely truncated schedule, and maximize our client’s chances for a favorable result at trial. That was the case here. After having a full and frank discussion with the family regarding the pros and cons of changing attorneys at such a late stage of litigation, Longwell Lawyers agreed to take the case. Expert Criminal Trial Attorney, Benjamin Jones, and the team at Longwell Lawyers, worked overtime to take over a case, where the Defendant could be sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of at least 10 years in prison, with only 2 business days before trial was set to begin. Given this effort, Mr. Jones was able to stand firm, prepared to start a major trial, without delay, on the morning of trial. When it became clear that our client and his highly skilled and prepared lawyers were ready to proceed to trial, the prosecution chose to dismiss all charges.

Exposure of Sexual Organs


County: Orange

Charge: Exposure of Sexual Organs

Result: No Jail, No Probation, No Conviction

Summary: Law Enforcement caught our client, on camera, masturbating in front of a Starbucks. Despite threats of filing more serious charges that would result in mandatory lifetime registration as a “Sex Offender,” Longwell Lawyers was able to resolve our client’s case, quietly, without jail, without probation, and successfully avoid our client being convicted of anything.

Sexual Battery (Rape)


County: Seminole

Charge: Sexual Battery (Rape)

Result: No Charges Ever Filed

Summary: Several days after giving one of his regular clients a massage, our Client, a masseur, found himself arrested, the subject of a local news expose, and fired from his job. He was facing allegations that he had sexually battered his client during a massage session. Confused, bewildered, and professing his innocence, our Client hired Board Certified Criminal Trial Expert, Benjamin Jones and the team at Longwell Lawyers to clear his name. Despite the current volatile climate regarding allegations of sexual misconduct and the #MeToo movement, our team was able to show the prosecution that the allegations were unfounded and that the accuser was not credible. Charges were never even filed and the case was closed.

Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting Without Violence, Trespass After Warning


County: Orange

Type of case/charge(s): Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting Without Violence, Trespass After Warning

Summary: Client was part of a group of people at a local bar. A bouncer decided to eject a person from the group for being too intoxicated. Our client allegedly became confrontational and combative – ultimately leading to a confrontation with law enforcement. Our client was accused of using both hands to forcefully push a law enforcement officer, refusing to leave and resisting officers during the arrest. Longwell Lawyers got involved and thoroughly investigated the case, including getting subpoenas which were served on third parties to obtain all of the video evidence. Through that process, it was established that our client had not done anything wrong and never pushed an officer. Instead it was obvious that the bouncer was overly aggressive and combative with our client, and created an unnecessarily hostile and confrontational situation. Longwell Lawyers prepared the case for trial by taking depositions and filing pre-trial motions – which ultimately caused the State to drop the case.

Result: All charges dropped

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