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Father and son - Alimony Lawyers in Orlando

Are you involved in a divorce or separation from your spouse and want to know if you have the right to ask for alimony, or if you will be ordered to pay alimony? Alimony is the payment of money made from one spouse to the other for upkeep and maintenance toward living. A court has the discretion to award alimony to either spouse in divorce cases and separations, even when the parties are not seeking divorce.

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There are no specific guidelines in Florida to determine alimony, similar to cases that involve child support. Alimony can be awarded on a rehabilitative or permanent basis and can take the form of period payments, lump sums or even both.

Issues that commonly need to be examined when considering alimony are: whether the marriage has existed long enough to justify alimony; whether there is a need for alimony; whether an existing alimony award is inappropriate; whether there is an inability to pay alimony; and the tax consequences of any alimony awards.

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