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If you are arrested for a DUI in Florida, your license may be administratively suspended immediately by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). If you are later convicted for the DUI in court, your license is subject to another suspension as a penalty for the criminal conviction. Fortunately, there are remedies that can be utilized by an experienced attorney which may allow you to continue to drive while your license suspensions and criminal penalties are potentially avoided.

Longwell Lawyers is experienced in representing individuals who have been arrested for DUI and had their license taken away. Here are some helpful facts we want you to know about how a DUI may affect your driver’s license, and what may be done about it:

  1. You may drive for the first 10 days. Unless ineligible, your DUI Citation will serve as an unrestricted driver’s license for the first 10 days of your suspension.
  2. A Formal Review Hearing must be requested within 10 days. This is best done through your attorney at DHSMV. Once a hearing is requested, you must be given a hearing within 30 days. It is this hearing that will allow your attorney to try to get your driver’s license reinstated.
  3. You may get a Permit to drive for 42 more days. This is so that you can drive until a decision is made at your hearing as to whether to fully reinstate your license.
  4. Your license may be reinstated. It is possible that DHSMV will invalidate your suspension and reinstate your driver’s license if you prevail at the Formal review Hearing.

However, you are still not in the clear. You still have to go to court for the criminal charge of DUI. If you are convicted of DUI, the court will impose a driver license suspension upon conviction, among other penalties. By hiring an experienced attorney, such as one from Longwell Lawyers, you may contest the case. Longwell Lawyers will utilize your important and powerful constitutional due process rights to prepare your case for trial. The trial preparation process will allow your attorney to obtain all of the evidence and thoroughly scrutinize the case in an effort to have evidence suppressed, or get your case dismissed without the need for a trial. Even if your case is not dismissed, your Longwell Lawyer may be able to negotiate to have the charge reduced so as to avoid a driver’s license suspension and minimize the impact of your arrest.

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