Man Verbally Assaults Pregnant Woman, Her Two Year Old and Attacks Her Husband

Rude Man Verbally Assaults Pregnant Woman and Her Two Year Old and Then Physically Attacks Her Husband When He is Asked to Apologize (CAPTURED ON VIDEO)

Kristin Varley, and her husband, Michael, have been happily shopping at the Baldwin Park Publix grocery store for years. On the late afternoon of July 13, 2015, Kristin, who is nine months pregnant, was in the process of getting into her car with her two year old child when Edwin Colon, drove up to the empty parking space next to hers. Seeing a pregnant woman struggling would cause most polite people to offer assistance.

Instead, Mr. Colon, a large and imposing man, yelled profanities at Kristin, in front of her two year old child, complaining that her grocery cart was in his way. When she asked for his patience due to her being pregnant, Mr. Colon said, “you should have thought about that before you f*ckin’ got pregnant”. He became very hostile and aggressive toward Kristin, catching the attention of another female witness, who tried to intervene. Mr. Colon told the witness to “mind her own business”. He then lumbered into Publix. The incident was also witnessed by a Publix employee.

Kristin’s husband, Michael, then approached Mr. Colon and asked that he apologize. Mr. Colon instead responded by saying, “F*ck you, and f*ck your wife”. Mr. Colon then physically attacked Michael. A bystander captured the resulting struggle on video which unfortunately has now gone viral at a time when the Varleys’ only real hope was that they could be allowed to privately savor the joy of the birth of their second child.

Longwell Lawyers is pleased to represent Michael Varley. Any husband and father would expect to have his wife and two year old daughter treated by others with common courtesy, and would not want them to be assaulted with profanity. We support Michael in his efforts to seek an apology from Mr. Colon, who has yet to deliver anything other than rude and violent behavior.