Bright Horizons Children’s Center Press Release

Longwell Lawyers has been retained by the former employee of Bright Horizons Children’s Center to represent his interests regarding the criminal investigation that has been initiated as a result of the recent report of alleged abuse.

We share our community’s concern that our children must be protected from potential abuse. However, we firmly deny that any abuse occurred in this case. Simply put, there was no abuse involving our client.

Child care workers and educators play an important and vital role in our community. It is unfortunate that, in addition to the many other challenges they encounter, our child care workers and educators are vulnerable to false allegations of abuse. When a child care worker or educator is falsely accused of abuse it has devastating consequences.

Because of this false accusation, our client has been terminated from employment. He is subject to a criminal investigation. He is being defamed in a civil lawsuit and further damaged by some media that have chosen to release his name – all based upon a false allegation without any substantiated facts.

We fought hard to have a wonderful system of justice that protects our core values of freedom and liberty. We would ask all of the members of our community to remember that our American values do not allow for innocent people to have their liberty and freedom to be so easily taken away. That is why when one of us is accused we are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. We must presume innocence in this case because there has been no charge, let alone proof. These rules affect us all. If we fail to respect these fundamental principles we erode the very fabric that defines our liberty, freedom and the very values that define us as Americans.

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