How to Choose An Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer

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There are a few places in life where you never want to find yourself. Tops on this list is in a courtroom, in front of a judge, facing criminal charges, fighting for your future and freedom.

A whopping 600,000 people are sentenced to prison every year.

If you’re an Orlando resident charged with any sort of crime, it’s important that you get help from some quality criminal lawyers in the area. Seek quality lawyers, whether you need an Orlando violent crime lawyer or any other specialties.

Read on to learn more about Orlando criminal defense lawyers and how you can hire them to help you out when you’re in a bind.

Know the Nature of Your Crime

Before hiring a criminal defense lawyer, you need to get up to speed on the nature of the crime that you are charged with, and what it means for your life and future.

So, who needs a criminal defense lawyer?

It’s a good idea for anyone charged with a crime to hire representation, but particularly if your charges are serious. These professionals can help you out whether your case ends up going to trial, or if you seek a plea arrangement outside of court.

Here are some points you should understand about the crime that you’re charged with first:

  • Whether you are facing a felony or misdemeanor
  • Research Florida state code to know the exact crime that you’re charged with
  • Find out how much jail or prison time you can expect to receive if convicted
  • Consider whether you have a prior record and whether this is a repeat offense of the same or a similar crime
  • Study whether there are any fines, restitution, or other punitive damages
  • Consider the potential fallout of the crime, such as probation or having to register as an offender
  • Understand which court is hearing or trying your case

Getting up to speed on these sorts of matters will help you protect yourself, as you also find the most capable lawyer to represent you.

Look Up Lawyers With Special Interests

When learning how to find a criminal defense lawyer, make sure that you’re clear on any specialty that they focus on. Criminal defense is a wide legal umbrella since there are several types of charges that people face.

Here are some of the specialties that you might look into depending on your situation:

  • Violent crime lawyers
  • Attorneys that deal with fraud and similar cases
  • Financial crime attorneys, such as embezzlement and tax evasion
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) attorneys
  • Attorneys that hear drug cases

It’s easier to get expert attention for your case when you hire a lawyer that specializes in the types of charges that you’re facing in a court of law.

Find Out About Their Experience Level

It’s always critical that you find an attorney whose experience level is up to par. Working with a qualified criminal defense attorney will give you plenty of peace of mind so that you feel great about your chances of remaining free.

When you research one of these professionals, they will be seasoned enough to execute whatever strategy is best for your circumstances.

Study Their Public Reputation

You should also reach out to criminal defense attorneys with strong reputations. Look up their Orlando listings and make sure that they are also certified and licensed by the Florida State Bar Association.

Seek some referrals so that you can match up with lawyers that are vetted for their ability to get the results and outcomes that you need.

Book a Consultation to Get Advice

Your job isn’t done until you sit down with an attorney that can provide a consultation. Not only will you be able to learn about their qualifications, but you can also get some complimentary advice that can assist you in your case.

This is important since only 2% of federal cases go to court. Most are settled in a plea arrangement before trial or are reduced or thrown out. A good criminal defense lawyer in Orlando will let you know whether or not you should take the case to trial or whether there’s an agreement on the table.

Make sure that you get a couple of different consultations so that you have a clearer idea of what steps you should take. Criminal lawyers provide consultations free of charge, so there’s no pressure or reason not to seek the advice that you need upfront.

Consider the Attributes You Want in a Lawyer

Always look into the help of an attorney that you feel the most comfortable with. This means learning about their attributes and choosing a lawyer that fits your criteria.

A quality attorney should always be detail-oriented and precise so that you’re able to trust their advice and execute whatever strategy they layout for you. During the consultation, make sure that you find out which lawyer at the firm will try your case so that you have a direct line of communication with them whenever you need a question answered.

Find out where they went to law school, and get your hands on the case logs and transcripts for their previous trials.

Ask for Price Quotes

Finally, it’s important that you also search for price quotes whenever you need to hire an attorney. Legal professionals generally charge between $100 per hour and $400 per hour depending on the location and the nature of the case.

Find out whether they offer payment plans, and make sure that you get their price rates in writing.

Hire Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers

These tips will help you find Orlando criminal defense lawyers that can represent you. Applying these tips will give you peace of mind and a better shot at protecting your freedom and future.

Let Longwell Lawyers assist you with your case. We’re the best Orlando violent crime lawyer option in the area, and also try cases related to theft, probation violations, and more. Send us a quick e-mail or give us a call at (407) 553-9599.

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