Why You Need Criminal Defense Lawyers If You’re Arrested

With the incarceration rate in the U.S. standing at 716 people for every 100,000 residents, being accused of a crime can be intimidating and scary. Any misstep in the process may lead to serving jail time or incurring serious penalties.

Consider hiring a qualified criminal defense lawyer whether you’re charged with a minor offense or a serious felony. If you’ve been arrested, below are some reasons why you need our Orlando criminal defense lawyers on your side.

Help You Obtain Bail or Bond

If you’re arrested, you may not want to remain in jail for one minute longer than is necessary. Contact an experienced Orlando lawyer to help free you immediately by filing a bond motion and securing a hearing.

During the hearing, they can help demonstrate that you aren’t a threat to the community or a flight risk. However, you may not be released on bond if your offense is a capital felony crime.

Give You Legal Advice on How You Should Proceed During the Criminal Investigation

A criminal offense is a serious charge. You will need legal counsel to deal with the challenges and meet the problem head-on. Criminal defense lawyers in Orlando will start by having a lengthy conversation with you to find out what you know and why the police arrested you.

As a result, they can properly advise you on want you should and shouldn’t do during the investigation to avoid serious mistakes that can hurt your defense.

Help You Consider All the Available Options

Once you’re charged with a crime, you have options to choose how the case will proceed. From negotiations to potential options for plea deals, an expert criminal defense attorney can help you weigh your options.

They can also discuss other possibilities like reducing your penalties and charges or dismissal of the case. You can decide whether to accept the deal offered by the prosecution or go to trial. Your criminal defense lawyer will help you understand the consequences of each option.

Represent You During Interrogations with Law Enforcement Officers

The police may want to interview you. This may be used to convince you to confess or make statements used against you. If you hire a criminal defense lawyer, the police can’t question you without your attorney.

Your lawyer can help you exercise your constitutional right to remain silent. What’s more, they can arrange a voluntary interview if it can help your case.

Handle Discussions with Prosecution on Your Behalf

Your criminal defense lawyer will act as your spokesperson and handle any discussions with the prosecution. These discussions can get heated. A good lawyer will keep calm and say the right things that can help your case.

During these negotiations, they may convince the prosecutor that the case against you is not strong enough to prosecute.

Ensure Your Constitutional Rights Aren’t Violated

When arresting you, law enforcement officers can violate your constitutional rights. A knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer can quickly determine mistakes or instances where the officers stepped beyond legal boundaries.

For example, police officers may not have secured a proper warrant to search your home or belongings. If they found evidence during this search, your defense attorney can deem it inadmissible in court so it isn’t used against you.

Handle All Your Case Paperwork

Handling paperwork for a legal case is crucial but also complicated. One missing document can have catastrophic consequences on your case. It takes experience and exceptional attention to detail to file several documents related to the case.

Our lawyers in Orlando know the documents you need for your case and how to fill them up correctly. They are also familiar with when, where, and how to submit them, ensuring there isn’t any mistake in the paperwork.

Gather and Examine Evidence

A criminal defense lawyer will conduct a thorough, independent investigation to get the evidence you need to support your case. This includes securing physical evidence as well as witness statements. They will also examine these statements to ensure they don’t have any points of weaknesses in them.

Your Orlando defense attorneys can also uncover the harmful evidence and witnesses’ testimonies against you. It’ll help them develop strategies to dispute or reduce the negative impact they can have on your case.

Understand the Regional Laws and Court Systems

Criminals are complicated, especially in the U.S. Each state has its legal system and distinct set of laws. This is why you should hire seasoned Orlando criminal defense lawyers if you live in Orlando, FL. They have experience in fighting cases in your region. They understand Florida laws and to face them and counter the charge against you.

Additionally, they can tailor strategies for your case according to the judge to ensure you get a successful outcome.

Help to Protect Your Future

A criminal case can significantly affect your future. You can face jail time for years or high penalties that can ruin your reputation forever. An expert criminal defense lawyer will defend you aggressively to protect your future. They can have your case dismissed or have the conviction wiped out from the records.

Offer Emotional Support

Getting charged with a criminal offense is stressful and can take a toll on you. Criminal defense lawyers offer reassurance and emotional support during these hard times. You can talk to them about anything related to your case. Their support can be vital in helping you deal with this crisis.

Consult with Our Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers in Orlando, FL

Have you been arrested and charged with a crime? As one of the best Orlando law firms, you can count on us for reliable representation. We have a team of qualified criminal defense lawyers that work tirelessly on your case so you’re in a position to win.

Feel free to contact us today to get the best possible outcome for your case.

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